About Us

The simple way to describe us is that we are a bunch of crazy people that have been in the wine industry for quite some time now.  We have been very successful in the wine industry in our varying capacities in fact.  That said, when we go home at night and chill with our friends while jamming to the new Justin Bieber track we are quickly reminded we take ourselves too seriously.  In this we learned we need to make something new, something that everyone will love.  We knew the calling was to create some wine that takes our history and ability of making some of the very finest wines, but make them approachable.  Make them something someone wants to take to their friends house to rock out with while also ensuring the most passionate of wine geeks like us will still say, “Damn, that’s good stuff!”

Appreciate and embrace the past, dig for the moment and build for the future.  The Boneyard Collection respects centuries of wine artisans while taking on a no-rules head-first dive into creating some rockin’ wine.



What is The Boneyard?

  • A line of wines willing to throw the rule book out to make wine more accessible, enjoyable and approachable to everyone.  No need to be a wine genius, just someone who appreciates sipping on some of the best juice around.
  • Wines ranging from easy going blends from vineyards around Virginia to single vineyard and single variety and even sparkling wines that are easy to understand without compromising on having the very best quality
  • Wines made with an incredible respect of our past and what got us to where we are, but looking forward to the future to getting better every day.  We want to be thought of as pioneers but also as innovators for years to come.