Our Wines

Boneyard Wines are built with the skill and precision to please the snootiest of connoisseurs but with the passion, attitude and charisma to appeal to anybody anytime.  We love to experiment!  Some of our wines may be the most classic expression of a vineyard or variety, but others may be completely off the wall crazy.  There are no rules…They are Boneyard Wines.


Where and how to Secure Boneyard Wines:

Get your Boneyard Wines RIGHT HERE through our partner-in-vino-et-veritas Tarara Winery

  • Boneyard wines for the time being are going to be heavily distributed through Virginia and soon Maryland and DC to all your favorite local stores and restaurants.
  • Some Boneyard wines (the Prestige bottlings, Sparkling wine and some limited bottlings) will often only have guaranteed amounts for the Boneyard Club.  These wines will only be released after the club is filled and the club members have had first crack at buying any extra.
  • There will be select times that Boneyard wines will be available through our partnership with Tarara Winery.  This is only being done as Boneyard finds its own home and because sometimes Tarara Winery can use an extra wine on the tasting menu as their other wines sell out.  Tarara may also randomly host Boneyard wines as the focus for some Friday Night Flights or Concerts as a partner.