Prestige Bottlings

Every year, we include a Prestige Bottling in the Boneyard Packages.  The Prestige Bottlings will be true to Boneyard’s unique form of abiding by no rules to only make the best juice imaginable, whether it is wine with extremely extended barrel aging, unique blends, or crazy new varieties.  All you can be sure of is that they will be killer.  Since we’ll be producing these Prestige Bottlings in limited quantities, we can do lots as small as even two barrels of our very best for the Boneyard Packages.  The Prestige Bottlings will be in the retail value of $50.00 -$100+ per bottle if there is any left after filling the club.  The only way to guarantee securing these wines is by purchasing an allocation of the current year’s release, which will provide the same number of allocations for subsequent releases.