Skins 2012

2012 Skins 

(100% Rkatsiteli)

(100% Gordonsville Vineyard)

$25.00 per bottle


Tasting Note:

 Simply put this is a wine of incredible intellect and excitement. While many people are going to dig this wine it will blow the minds of serious wine nerds and those that are slightly off-kiltered.  The aromatics are shockingly exotic and intense with loads of floral notes, some herbal character and more than anything a wild amount of stone fruit and papaya notes.  The palate is loaded with character and abundant fruit but that is not where the excitement it.  The excitement is from the wildly rich and round mouthfeel and silky tannins that perplex the palate and adding length as well as complexity.  One of the most outrageous wines we have ever made.

Vineyard Information:

The fruit for this wine came from a vineyard we are sourcing from in Gordonsville in the Monticello AVA.


The Rkatsiteli comes from a site that is at the base of the many surrounding hillsides of the area.  It is fairly hard red clay soils and is really showing well with this interesting variety originating from the Republic of Georgia.  The fruit tends to be very Sauvignon Blanc like from this site but with somewhat lower alcohol levels only being in the 10-11% range with vibrant acidity and a great balance of herbal and citrus like elements.


Harvest Conditions:


The 2012 is said to be one of winemaker Jordan Harris’ favorite vintages to date.  While some vineyard around the state did suffer from a little too much rain at harvest, many of the sites that Boneyard Wines works with really got away lucky.  Nevaeh in particular with the small rain shadow of the Catoctins and the weather patterns that follow the Potomac really meant that Nevaeh didn’t receive any rain through the 2012 harvest season.  It only benefited from the slightly lower resulting temperatures of nearby rains and the lack of humidity.


In the end the 2012 season was about having some of the best balanced wines we have seen to date.  The season started very early with an almost alarmingly warm and early spring causing bud-break in late March.  It stayed warm so there were no significant frost issues that we were worried about.  After that the summer never really heated up too much with the exception of the last two weeks of July and the first week of August.  All together that put the harvest back on normal schedule which was superb since a worry had to harvest in the heat of the summer.  The prolonged and generally mild season resulted in vibrant acidity, massive flavor concentration, moderate alcohol and beautifully ripe tannins.  An overall very well balanced year unlike any we have seen in a long time.



This wine was made with the same mindset that we have when we start our reds like Merlot or Cabernet.  The biggest difference is that we tend to be even more aggressive in our extraction techniques but also done very cool.  This wine was cold soaked for 11 days prior to starting a cool ferment capping out at 62 degrees to preserve aromatics.  The wine took about 14 days to finish fermentation and was left for an extended maceration for a total of 31 days on the skins.  The wine was pulsed three times per day to keep the cap submerged as much as possible to extract the rich tannins.  The press fraction and free run were combined and 100% malo-lactic was dine in stainless steel.  The wine was then racked to barrel for 8 months and batonage occurred by-weekly.  The wine was assembled, filtered and bottled in December 2013.

Food Pairing:

Time to think outside of the box.  This is not your average chicken and fish white.  This calls for those heartier meals and is actually great room temperature with a Lamb Stew with curry.  The tannins will work wonders with you.  For sure our most food friendly wine made.