Unrefined Rose 2012

2012 Unrefined Rose

(65% Cabernet Franc, 25% Merlot, 10% Syrah)

$15.00 per bottle




 You ever look at something, and say that’s odd?  Then smell it and say, “Hmmmmm”?  Then taste it and say, “Well, what have we got here”?  Yeah, that’s this wine until you think about it for a second and say, “Damn, that’s good!”  Couldn’t be more untraditional with a creamy mouth feel, aromas and flavors of almost jammy like fruit that still have a freshness, smokiness, and well…pure awesomeness.  Funky fresh.

Food Pairing:

 Dude!!!  Just drink it man!  Well, if you must pair it then maybe try out some simple grill outs with some local sausage, a few grilled peppers, some Walla Walla onions, a little EVOO, salt pepper and chill with some great friends.


 This is a Rose like no other.  We decided to take a completely different path in making this wine, looking for creaminess and a richness to complement the charming fruit of this heavily Cabernet Franc Rose.  The Cabernet Franc was destemmed and pressed whole berry so got very little skin contact and therefore less color.  The Merlot and Syrah were saignee portions pulled from the red lots to add some depth and character.  The wine was all fermented in neutral Virginia oak with indigenous yeast.  The late season ferment stayed pretty cool fermenting outside so dragged on for about 4 weeks to dryness allowing great aromatics to be preserved.  We then allow the wine to go through malo-lactic fermentation to get a more round mouth feel and a luxurious creamy note.  The wine stayed in barrel for 7 months with lees stirring every other week.  The wine was bottled in June 2013.

 Vineyard Information:

The fruit came from the Road block of Nevaeh Vineyard which is the flattest part of our vineyards and dominated by heavy red clay (Penn Silt Loam) creating lighter more fruit driven wines.  We also bled off some of the juice from the Merlot and Syrah juice with a little more richness and complexity.  The Cabernet Franc from this block tends to be a bit lighter and more elegant with brighter characters lending itself well to Rose.

Harvest Conditions:

The 2012 is said to be one of winemaker Jordan Harris’ favorite vintages to date.  While some vineyard around the state did suffer from a little too much rain at harvest, many of the sites that Tarara works with really got away lucky.  Nevaeh in particular with the small rain shadow of the Catoctins and the weather patterns that follow the Potomac really meant that Nevaeh didn’t receive any rain through the 2012 harvest season.  It only benefited from the slightly lower resulting temperatures of nearby rains and the lack of humidity.

In the end the 2012 season was about having some of the best balanced wines we have seen to date.  The season started very early with an almost alarmingly warm and early spring causing bud-break in late March.  It stayed warm so there were no significant frost issues that we were worried about.  After that the summer never really heated up too much with the exception of the last two weeks of July and the first week of August.  All together that put the harvest back on normal schedule which was superb since a worry had to harvest in the heat of the summer.  The prolonged and generally mild season resulted in vibrant acidity, massive flavor concentration, moderate alcohol and beautifully ripe tannins.  An overall very well balanced year unlike any we have seen in a long time.